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Pragmatic Play


One of the fastest growing providers of live casino games in the igaming industry with 80+ HTML5 titles on mobile and desktop.



Live dealer software provider that delivers casino action games streamed directly from high quality studio venues.

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SA Gaming


All the live dealer games in the SA Gaming lobby are meant to appeal to a wide audience.

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WM Casino


WM Casino comes with over 20 tables offering roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more.

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Fair Guaranted


GG Live is oriented towards new generations of players and live casino consumers.

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Lucky Streak


LuckyStreak undoubtedly offers live casino games of high quality.

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Gold Diamond


The most engaging and gaming experience for players consists of many online live casino games.

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EVO Casino


The newbie in the world of live casino software companies. This means that it has to show players yet what it can offer.

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Is accessible via desktop and mobile device, offering live dealer action anytime and anywhere.

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Innovation gambling and entertainment corporation in Asia, approved by the government of Philippines.

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Experience the same excitement, thrill and atmosphere of a casino from you home.

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You can enjoy live drealer version from exclusive studios and language.

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“All-In-One” game option within the lobby, which allows you to join as much as you can.

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Trusted Live Casino in Malaysia—SMCROWN

Online live casino Malaysia has been all the rave now, and for good reasons. The Asian online live casino is booming at an exponential rate due to the thrill and exhilaration that come with these games. Players can observe the action of live casino dealers shuffling the cards through the webcam, just like how they would at a brick-and-mortar casino. Plus, players are given a myriad of options to select from including poker and slots. Betting on an online live casino in Malaysia doesn’t always mean you need to compromise on your experience. The games provided on Smcrown are all integrated with sublime 3D graphics, animations as well as sound quality—delivering the same level of excitement as a physical casino all at the comfort of your own home.

Behind every live casino gaming, there are real dealers and players you can interact with via live chat.

What Is Live Casino Online And How Does It Work?

Fundamentally, online live casino Malaysia is a webcast of real-life casino dealers whose responsibilities are to present the cards or to spin the roulette live wheel for customers betting at their desktop or other mobile devices. Smcrown is a trusted gambling platform for players to bet in table games such as live roulette online Malaysia, live baccarat online Malaysia and live blackjack Malaysia.

Live casino online Malaysia utilises advanced video streaming technology to provide gambling enthusiasts with the best betting experience there is. As the game begins, the camera in the live casino studio will start shooting the live dealer and stream the game live to players. Meanwhile, the cutting-edge computer system will interpret the banker’s action as betting options, then present it to players and stream every action players make. After that, the banker will proceed to judge the actions accordingly. In case a player wins, the banker will hand out the winning ticket to the winner.

Types of Live Casino Games Offered in Smcrown

Playing live casino Malaysia online on Smcrown is nothing but fulfilling as we carry the best games with exciting themes and house edge. Here is a low down of our most played live casino games:

Live Roulette Online Malaysia

The roulette wheel online offered by Smcrown is easy to partake in. You will see a roulette table with numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 and 00. Then, there is a spin wheel that comes with all the table numbers. To play the game, you will need some chips. In roulette online Malaysia, we use different chip colours so it is easier for the house to distinguish each player. In this type of game, you can wager on single numbers—7 or 13. You can stake on columns, such as the first column and so on. These are all regardless of the bet you make. On top of that, in roulette online, you only bet on colours, which include red or black.

You are allowed to stake any amount from the minimum betting amount such as RM20 to RM100. We suggest that you start wagering from a small amount. Bet RM20 on black and spin the roulette wheel online. If the outcome is black, you win; however, if the outcome is red, you lose. As simple as that.

Live Baccarat Online Malaysia

Players who wish to bet on live baccarat Malaysia need to familiarise themselves with some basic rules. Four, six or eight decks can be used to play this game. While a single gambler can play against the house, this game can feature up to twelve or fourteen participants. There are three main bets you stake on in live baccarat—the Banker, the Player or a Tie. We do not normally recommend betting on a tie, which is a stand-off, because it often comes with a high house edge or casino advantage.

Live Blackjack Malaysia

In live blackjack Malaysia, you win if you go above twenty one or closer to twenty one than the dealer’s cards. Having said that, if you go above twenty one, you will lose the game instantly. The live blackjack Malaysia table consists of chip rack, shoe, currency slot, first base, third base and the betting circles. The first you need to do is to place your bet. You can choose a bet of RM50 and start playing by pressing the deal button. When the casino deals an Ace and a Queen, you win because the total doesn’t exceed 21. If you deal another round and you get two cards with a combined value of 12, you will have to hit or accept another card. If the total value of your cards and the additional card exceed 21, you automatically lose the game.

If you play another hand and get two cards that add up to 8, you can accept another card. If the accepted card has a value of 10, the total will be 18. The combined value of 18 is close to 21. At this point, we recommend that you not accept another card. Instead, just press the stand button and win the hand.

SIC BO Online

Sic Bo originated in China and eventually spread to many live online casinos in Malaysia, including Smcrown. This game requires three dice to be put in a cylinder and then shaken. This happens after players have placed a wager on the bet options given. When the results are revealed and you guessed correctly, you win; if not, you lose.

Dragon and Tiger

This type of live casino game is essentially a two-card version of live baccarat. Two cards are drawn—one to the side of the dragon and another to the side of the tiger. Players then choose which side will be higher. The casino dealer then places the cards face up, and the higher card wins. In the case of when two cards are similar, it becomes a tie, and the house takes half of each wager.

Online Live Poker

The live poker in Malaysia boasts impressive features making bettors experience much more enjoyable. When playing live poker at Smcrown, two cards will be faced downwards. You then use either one of the cards or both in conjunction with five shared cards to make the best Penta-card hand. If you have the best hand, you win.

Texas Casino Hold’em

Texas Casino Hold’em has a wide array of poker games you can play with; but you got to know the rules. In this type of online live casino game, your goal is to beat the live dealer; either bet alone or with a group of gamblers. After your cards are dealt, the flop with community cards follows. Once you see the fold, you either call or fold. When you call, the remaining two community cards are dealt. The dealer then places his cards facing up. Finally, whoever has a better hand wins.

How to Play the Games in Live Casino Malaysia?

  1. Log into your account
  2. Choose your preferred online live casino provider
  3. Pick your game
  4. Put in your wager and start playing
  5. If you win, you will receive the reward in your account

How to Deposit Money Into Online Live Casino Malaysia?

  1. Log into your account
  2. Press the deposit button
  3. Choose your preferred bank and deposit your amount
  4. Transfer the fund, and submit the receipt
  5. Click submit

How to Withdraw From Live Casino Malaysia Online?

  1. Log into your account
  2. Choose withdraw
  3. Key in your bank account details and withdrawal amount
  4. Click submit

Why Play Live Casino at Smcrown?

Live online casino games are always fun and thrilling no matter which one you opt for, and whether you are a beginner or an expert. So, if you are looking for a trusted live casino Malaysia, visit Smcrown and treat yourself to a variety of betting games ranging from live blackjack Malaysia to poker. Play the game of your choice and earn real money today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a live online casino?

A: Live online casino Malaysia is a betting platform that allows bettors to bet and interact with a real-life dealer.

Q: What are the best live casino games to play in Malaysia?

A: There are a myriad of online live casino Malaysia games that feature a live dealer, including blackjack online, baccarat online, live roulette Malaysia, poker online, sic bo online, dragon and tiger, as well as Texas casino hold’em.

Q: Can I win real money from online live casino Malaysia?

A: Yes. You can bet on your favourite online casino games and win real, legitimate money in trusted online casino Malaysia like Smcrown. Simply register an account and stand a chance to win high payout and bonuses.

Q: Does an online live casino have human live dealers?

A: Yes, our online live casino Malaysia employs real human dealers whom you can interact with through the streaming feature.